Dino Game

Dino Game

Dino Game

Dino Game is your favorite game whenever you have network problems. This simple but fun game that doesn't require the internet will definitely help you relax on a busy day.

What is the Dino Game?

This is a fun offline game that can be played with the cartoon character T-Rex, who is competing in a race to see who can set the record for the highest jump. Help the dinosaur realize his dream. You're the only one who can make it happen. Launch a competition in the middle of the desert, hurdle cactuses, and break all kinds of records. You can avoid them by jumping or crouching when they pass you. Are all of you eager to participate in a thrilling dinosaur run?

According to designer Sebastien Gabriel, this is a play based on the idea of ​​​​traveling back in time to "prehistoric times", referring to a time before Wi-Fi was ubiquitous. While the concept will certainly be foreign to some younger readers, others will recall a time when they could really only use the Internet in certain locations, including their homes, schools, offices, and dedicated Internet cafes.

The Dino Game has some very astounding figures, particularly for something that is mostly hidden from view and is something that you are only likely to come across if your Internet connection goes down. Developer Edward Jung calculates that 270 million games are played across all platforms, including mobile and desktop, each month.

Play games when losing your life

As soon as the machine loses network connectivity, just start a new browser, will report that it cannot connect to the Internet with the image of a black and white T-rex dinosaur.

The goal of this game is to control the dinosaur as it walks through a desert road lined with cactus shrubs. Your task is to make the dinosaur go as far as possible. Just one tap on the cactus and the game will be over.

After losing, you merely need to hit the spacebar to restart the game. It's simple, but it's entertaining enough to keep you entertained while you wait for your Internet connection to be restored.

Play Dino Game while online

The way to play is no different when you play games when you lose your life, press the spacebar correctly and you're done.

Key features

  •  2D graphics.
  • Addictive gameplay.
  • An endless level.
  • Intuitive controls.

Tips and tricks

Making the leap a little earlier is one of the best strategies for the dino to avoid a barrier. This allows the dino to hop or leap over the cactus rather than waiting for it to approach and clash with it. If you're farther along in the Dino Game and encountering pterodactyls, employ the same early ducking strategy.

Pterodactyls attack the T-Rex from both the ground and the air. While you may leap or hop over them on earth, a dinosaur must duck to escape those flying overhead. The good news is that most of these flying reptiles can be avoided by leaping. You don't need to duck much until the pterodactyl is rushing at you from behind.

Because the T-Rex moves so quickly, assuming the dinosaur is still alive may be difficult. However, seeing the dinosaur standing still as the scenery and obstacles move will give you better control of the game and play. It is better to stand still and jump and overcome obstacles than to sprint, jump, and duck all at once.

This is a great Dino Game approach if you want to grow and get high points. Even if you overcome all the Dino Game difficulties and score 99,999, the game resets to zero. So don't get too set on beating this seemingly easy game.

How to play Dino Game

  • As soon as you start the game, T-Rex will start to run. You have to click on the "white space" again to jump over the cactus.
  • The speed of the dino game will slowly get faster, and it will be harder to jump over the cactus. When you get 400 points, the game will add pterodactyls, which are dinosaurs that can fly.
  • You can also jump over them, or if you're playing on a computer, you can crouch by clicking the "down" button.
  • The game is endless. Don't try to get through to the end.

We hope you have a good time playing with Dino Game. If Google Games is one of your favorites, try some of our other games like Pacman, MinesweeperTic Tac ToeSnake, etc.