The Branch Runner

The Branch Runner

The Branch Runner

The Branch Runner is an exciting game that takes players to a lush, magical forest teeming with old trees and stunning vistas. You play the protagonist, an agile woodland dweller who must negotiate the trees by leaping from branch to branch with great agility. The game's breathtaking visuals and deep sound effects create an enthralling ambiance, transporting players to a realm of natural beauty and wonder. 

In this fast-paced platformer, you must use quick reflexes and exact timing to dodge obstacles and outwit clever woodland monsters. Along the journey, players may gather magical objects and gain unique skills to improve their character's performance. The Branch Runner's straightforward controls and interesting challenges provide an addicting gaming experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats as they dash, leap, and soar through the gorgeous forest canopy.

How To Play

  • Tap the left side of the screen to rotate left.
  • Tap the right side of the screen to rotate right.
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