Ninja Jump Xtreme

Ninja Jump Xtreme

Ninja Jump Xtreme

Ninja Jump Xtreme is a high-flying adventure in which players must unleash their inner ninja to overcome towering obstacles and achieve unprecedented heights. 

In this thrilling game, you play as experienced ninjas who must navigate a variety of difficult landscapes full of traps, opponents, and perilous terrain. With each leap, players must precisely time their moves to dodge lethal dangers and conquer obstacles, navigating the treacherous course with a mix of precise jumps, flips, and wall runs. As players continue, they may acquire additional powers and upgrades to improve their ninja skills, enabling them to fly higher and face more difficult obstacles. Are you ready to embark on the ultimate ninja adventure with Ninja Jump Xtreme?

How To Play

  • Click to jump and avoid enemies. Enter the opened door to win!!
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