Pacman is a very popular bean or cake game. You must direct Pacman to navigate the labyrinth and consume every bean, which are little blue dots, in order to complete the game's objective. You may go on to the next round if you've consumed all the beans. You must be vigilant while eating since the ghosts will use whatever means at their disposal to capture and kill you. One life will be lost if a ghost touches Pacman, and the game will terminate when all of Pac-Man has died. The energy potions are the four sizable circles in the corners. One of the circles will become eternal when Pacman eats it, and the ghosts will become dark blue, move slowly, and get disoriented. You must use this opportunity to let Pacman consume a lot of beans and these ghosts in order to get more points.

How to play

When playing Pac-man on the computer

  • Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to change the direction of Pac-man
  • Press the p key every time you want to pause or resume playing.
  • Press the n key every time you want to start over.
  • Press the s key when you want to turn the sound on or off.
  • If you can't control Pac-man, click on the game screen then use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move.

When playing Pac-man on a device with a touch screen

  • Use your hand to touch anywhere in the game screen and swipe your hand in the direction you want Pac-man to move.
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