Machine City Balls

Machine City Balls

Machine City Balls

Machine City Balls is a 3D ball game in which you have to roll through a twisted and lengthy track. You must dodge obstacles and reach checkpoints.

In this game, you are transported into Machine Metropolis, a metropolis filled with enigmatic spheres that conceal mysteries. Swipe over the ball to send it rolling down the track. To change direction, hold the mouse or slide your finger from side to side while rolling. Stay on the track, and don't let the ball bounce over the guardrails. If your ball goes into the abyss, it will be lost. Touching the balls waiting at the track's checkpoints will give you additional lives. If you fall, you will resurface at the last checkpoint you touched, as long as you have at least one ball remaining.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Hold and swipe over the ball to roll it
  • Hold and swipe left or right to swerve
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