Gorilla Adventure

Gorilla Adventure

Gorilla Adventure

Embark on an exciting quest through lush jungles and tricky terrain in Gorilla Adventure, a fun game that throws players into an exciting quest. Play as a brave explorer, and start your adventure with a cool movie-like beginning.  Your mission is to explore dense forests, old ruins, and wild lands to find the hidden secrets of the famous gorilla temple.

In Gorilla Adventure, you need to use your smarts, speed, and bravery to beat lots of obstacles and challenges. From swinging across vine-covered gaps to avoiding dangerous traps and beating cunning adversaries, you'll need to be super sharp and quick. Along the way, you'll meet lots of different characters, from friendly natives offering invaluable wisdom to fearsome predators lurking in the shadows, making your journey even more exciting. So, get ready, stay brave, and have the journey of a lifetime in Gorilla Adventure.

How To Play

  • Left click: Stick to a point and drag to move the character.
  • Hold the left mouse button: Hold the sledgehammer to rotate.
  • Release the finger: The character lands on the previous fulcrum.
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