Wizard Arcadia

Wizard Arcadia

Wizard Arcadia

Wizard Arcadia is a compelling blend of battle games and role-playing games that immerses you in the realm of the exceptional. Enter an enchantingly tranquil and beautiful country, expertly crafted for those seeking a dynamic combination of action and strategic gameplay.

There are several interesting stages ahead of you, each of which requires you to repel an assault of foes charging into the citadel's walls. Using your magic wand, hurl a fireball at your enemies, destroying everything in its path. Combine multiple natural components to produce cataclysmic cataclysms capable of wiping out the opposing army. Experiment with your talents and create one-of-a-kind new combos to win the fight. To finish stages, you will collect coins, which will be used to upgrade your spells. Save the inhabitants, discover treasure boxes, and battle big, bad enemies!

How To Play

Use mouse to play!

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