Super Elip Adventure

Super Elip Adventure

Super Elip Adventure

Super Elip Adventure is an exciting mobile game that takes players into a strange world filled with challenges, puzzles, and excitement.

In this game, you will embark on a journey with Elip, a charming and adventurous character, on a quest to save the enchanted forest from an evil witch. Each level is filled with obstacles, enemies, and tricky puzzles. Along the way, Elip must use her unique abilities, such as jumping, sliding, and using magical powers, to overcome challenges and outwit the witch's minions. Additionally, you will meet many quirky characters, collect valuable treasures, and unlock hidden secrets as they progress in the game. Have fun!

How To Play

  • Use the WASD keys to move around.
  • Use the SPACEBAR or the X key to change the surface you walk on.
  • Use the Z or the RMB to jump.
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