StickMan Angle Fight

StickMan Angle Fight

StickMan Angle Fight

Stickman Angle Fight is a top game that requires players to have the sharpest reflexes. If you are not fast, your opponent will defeat you in the blink of an eye. Play as a stickman, choose your favorite weapon, and start the fight. The special point in this game is that players need to identify the opponent's weaknesses. White circles stand in for them. Angular attacks are extremely challenging, requiring you to accurately determine when to strike quickly.

Each match in Stickman Angle Fight takes place in a very short period of time. The actions of your opponent might astound you. There is only one moment when the character runs to the main competition terrain; you must grasp the points to hit to end the match as soon as possible. The following rounds will be more difficult than the previous round. Regular practice is indispensable for effective matches.

How To Play

To start the match in the most prepared position, carefully prepare your character. First, optionally set the weak points for the stickman by dragging and dropping the circles to the position you want. Note that you should choose the corners that are most difficult to attack so that the chance of being injured is lower.

Then, gamers choose a weapon that appears on the right side of the screen. Once stabilized, the main entity will automatically rush towards the main arena. At this point, you need to really focus on pressing the key continuously at the enemy to take the initiative. Choosing the right attack position will make your victory more feasible. On the contrary, if you are not quick, your opponent can kill your character in extreme surprise.


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