Slimoban 2

Slimoban 2

Slimoban 2

Slimoban 2 is the follow-up to Slimoban, a game like Sokoban that follows a little girl as she meets big, scary slimes and goes on journeys.

In the game, you must gather the golden coin, avoid the slimes, and try to destroy them all.The girl may gather magical potions that aid in the lifting of large wooden blocks and slimes. After you've lifted the bricks or slimes, you must put them correctly. There is also water in the game, which you may drop items into. You have the ability to move, gather, and dump blocks. You must also attract the slimes into the trap, place boxes inside it, then push it into the water.The only thing you really need to do to finish the game is gather the currency.

How To Play

  • WASD or arrow keys to move the character
  • Space bar to skip your turn
  • Left click to drop the boxes
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