Skibidi Toilet Attack

Skibidi Toilet Attack

Skibidi Toilet Attack

In the shooting game Skibidi Toilet Attack, you face off against Skibidi toilets in a fierce battle. The goal is simple: aim and shoot your weapon to stay alive as waves of monsters come at you in different, difficult levels. Skibidi Toilet Attack is a unique take on the classic shooter genre. The idea of fighting strange monsters in the bathroom is a lot of fun.

Everyone can jump right into the action-packed fun because the rules are easy to understand. Skibidi Toilet Attack is a fun, free-to-play web game with fast-paced and interesting relaxed gameplay that is great for killing time or challenging friends. It's fun for both new and experienced players looking for a quick way to pass the time because it's easy to play but also requires some strategy. What are you waiting for? Join this game!

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How To Play

  • PC controls: Use the mouse to shoot.
  • Touch controls: touch the screen to shoot.
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