Run 3

Run 3

Run 3

Welcome to Run 3, where you transform into an alien and explore the vast cosmos. Take part in this game right now to go on a journey with an alien.

The goal of the Run 3 games is to run as far as possible while avoiding falling into deep space. Inside the track, there are several walls with holes that you must leap over or slide over to spin the whole passageway. To leap, use the up arrow key, and to change platforms, press the left or right arrow keys. When you run and reach a specific race duration, the number of barriers increases automatically. It should be noted that there are some brown areas of the road that may collapse as you ascend. As a result, when you get to these roads, run as quickly as you can.

How To Play

  • Swipe left/right or use left/right arrows to move.
  • Tap on the screen or press the Up arrow/Spacebar or just left-click to jump.
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