Roller Ball X : Bounce Ball

Roller Ball X : Bounce Ball

Roller Ball X : Bounce Ball

Roller Ball X : Bounce Ball is a thrilling obstacle-course game. Do you have the courage to stand up for the environment? Your journey will take you to the red ball where you'll battle wicked robots. Be sure to avoid obstacles and you will find a world of amazing circular patterns. The path will have many obstacles, including water, holes, sparks, and so forth. The up arrow is pressed to send the ball into the air. The left and right buttons can be used in the same manner, no matter if you want to gain gold or break the square. Do not collide with the obstacles. This can drain the ball's energy. You will lose and must give up the planet forever to the square. Continue to keep your energy up until the last stage. There are still many surprises and new challenges for you.

How To Play

Use right and left arrow keys to roll the ball: bouncing ball

Use up arrow key to jump ball: bouncing ball

Use the down arrow key to stop the bounce ball in front of dangerous impediments. Get enough required number of yellow stars while rolling ball

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