Red Impostor vs. Crew

Red Impostor vs. Crew

Red Impostor vs. Crew

Like Among Us, Red Impostor vs. Crew is a sneaking action game. Control an evil imposter aboard a broken-down spacecraft and murder all the crew members before they can complete their job.

Play as an imposter who has infiltrated an astronaut crew and make your way through all of the ship's halls and chambers while preventing them from repairing the damage by murdering all of your crewmates one by one without being detected. Can you achieve your job and prevent the ship from continuing on its journey as a result of your sabotage? Keep an eye on your crew members, as they may find that you are the imposter due to a mistake or a stupid action. Enjoy the fun and colorful visuals, and show yourself that you are the king of stealth by finishing all stages without being discovered!

How To Play

Hold and drag to move around the ship, kill the crewmates, and sabotage the objects.

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