Push Noob

Push Noob

Push Noob

Push Noob is a new game where you will help Noob push into the abyss using snowballs. To acquire large amounts of diamonds, you will need to put your target skills to the test. We hope that you enjoy Push Noob. You can unlock beautiful stages and change the appearance of our protagonist by using many masks. You will be hooked by the realistic physics on each of the 12 levels. We hope that you enjoy the 3D visuals, and we wish you all the best!

How To Play

Control for PC:

  • Shooting snowballs – click the left mouse button
  • Moving the camera – hold down the right mouse button and rotate
  • Moving away and approaching the camera – rotate the mouse wheel.

Management for the phone:

  • Shooting snowballs – click on the screen
  • Moving the camera – tap on the screen and rotate without releasing it.
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