Only Up GO Parkour

Only Up GO Parkour

Only Up GO Parkour

Only Up GO Parkour immerses you, as a young child, in a surreal world with floating cargo containers, vehicles, and other objects. Climb from the ground to reach higher ground and uncover magnificent views from above while overcoming numerous obstacles along the way. Utilize your parkour abilities to ascend platforms by clinging to crevices.

Only Up GO Parkour provides a challenging gameplay experience as well as the gratification of landing on a platform after a daring leap. The path becomes more difficult as you ascend, and there are no checkpoints, so be prepared to make multiple attempts to reach the highest platform possible!

How To Play

  • Control the boy with the WASD keys.
  • Hover the mouse to look around.
  • Press the spacebar to make him jump.
  • Hold Shift while moving to make him run.
  • Press the C key to toggle on or off crouching.
  • Press the Esc key to open the menu mid-game.
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