Little Dino Adventure

Little Dino Adventure

Little Dino Adventure

Little Dino Adventure is a similar adventure game to Mario. Help the tiny dinosaur overcome several obstacles in the valley of fear. Collect all golden eggs to get three stars at every level.

The goal of this game is to get a high score by collecting as many eggs as possible and picking up all three golden eggs in each area. You can explore three different places in this game. This is a green forest, a hot desert, and a place where everything is covered in snow in the winter. At first, you can only play in the jungle area, but as you play, you can open the other two areas. You will have to deal with many different problems, like dangerous dinosaurs and barriers. You can kill enemies by jumping on them, but you should try to avoid gaps and other barriers.

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to control your dinosaur character.

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