Life Clicker

Life Clicker

Life Clicker

Life Clicker is a life simulation game with familiar clicker gameplay. Play as a single character; choose jobs and lifestyles according to your preferences. The goal is to choose a daily activity that won't bore you. At the same time, take advantage of the strengths you have to complete the job well. Choosing a reasonable job will help you get more bonuses to unlock attractive features.

Besides dedicating yourself to making money, your character will also have time to relax to balance his emotions and energy. In Life Clicker, you can go to the park, rest room, or even own your own elite apartment to do everything you like. Above all, having a dream life is the ultimate goal of every gamer.

Detailed Gameplay

First of all, players need to choose a character with a suitable job. After performing missions for a certain period of time, the necessary requirements to find new jobs and new places to live are met. However, to be able to successfully transition to a job, the character also needs to go to school. You click on the bachelor's cap icon to bring the main entity to the school.

Life Clicker's progressive gameplay is truly an addictive experience that any gamer should try. Furthermore, the game also realistically simulates situations that can occur in normal life. It's too attractive for a clicker game, right? Join now and live your own life; no one can bother you!

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