Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG

Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG

Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG

In Knight Hero Adventure Idle RPG, you play the role of a professional assassin on a quest to save the princess and  govern your own fantasy kingdom. Only you can rescue the kidnapped princess and rightful heir to the kingdom from the evil creatures of the magical land. As a valiant knight, you'll wear numerous hats, from battlefield commander to archer hero to dungeon slayer. The objective is to make it through battles against waves of opponents, explore perilous environments, and vanquish powerful bosses. Put your weapons to use and rack up the points and upgrades to wipe out your enemies in record time. Talents such as fire, freezing, dual attack, and enhanced defense can be used if you find that they fit your play style. Anyone wishing for a fascinating adventure should enjoy Knight Hero Adventure Idle RPG, a game with great visuals and intense gameplay. Can you make it through the onslaught of dangerous foes and emerge as a renowned killer? Don't back down when things become scary; hone your skills as a monster hunter and prepare to emerge unscathed and victorious.


  • 3 different stats to upgrade.
  • Various armor pieces to use.
  • Different enemy types to defeat.
  • Challenging and fun gameplay.
  • Intuitive controls.

How To Play

Use your mouse to play.

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