Idle Ants

Idle Ants

Idle Ants

In the fun strategy game Idle Ants, you can join the ants as they search for food and get a taste of their lives. To get started, you must create your first ant! Each ant requires a certain amount of food to create, but once created, they will start collecting food for you. For each ant you create, the cost increases. Once you have created a small workforce, you can create a queen – which will then automatically create more ants for you.

You can unlock and create new types of ants as you play, just like scientists and geologists. For example, geologists collect rocks that you can use to learn about new technology for your colony. It's your land. Finally, when you have enough food, soil, wood, and a queen bee, you can build a nest. The nest will naturally give birth to another queen bee.

How To Play

Tap or click to play.

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