Hurdling Olympics

Hurdling Olympics

Hurdling Olympics

Hurdling Olympics is a Dino Game-inspired obstacle game. In the game, you must navigate your dinosaur while avoiding numerous cacti along the road. The aim is to get as far as possible in order to raise the score. The distinction in this game is that you must compete in the Olympic hurdles race. To accomplish this, you must gather the torches you come across. Then, your dinosaur will evolve into a hurdler with successive fence obstacles. Of course, if you decline the torch, you'll keep playing like the original.

The theme might cause Dino's look to alter throughout the route. Accessories or costumes may be added. His pace rises as he travels farther. This is a really creative hurdle game. Do not overlook it if you are a fan of this form of gaming.

How To Play

Click on the play screen to start the game. Then use the Space key or the up arrow to control the dinosaur to jump over the obstacles.

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