Home Rush The Fish Fight

Home Rush The Fish Fight

Home Rush The Fish Fight

Home Rush The Fish Fight is an addictive puzzle game with humorous designs for the characters. The players’ mission in this game is to find a path so the heroes can find and defeat the monsters. You just need to create strokes from the character's position to the position of the hideous entity of the same color. Combat activities will not take too much time when your hero is strong enough to knock out enemies in just one hit. However, the game also has certain rules that players need to follow:

  • Characters and monsters must have the same color. If you connect in the wrong position, the horror creature will take down your hero instantly.
  • There must be no collision. The actual round begins once you complete your path drawings. At this point, all the human characters in the level will move together. If the route you draw causes an accident, the round will end immediately.
  • Also, pay attention to the structures that appear in the yard. You won't be able to walk or draw through these spots; avoid them!

How To Play

Players use the mouse to draw paths in Home Rush The Fish Fight. Note that the start and end points must be placed in the correct positions. This means that if your drawing is interrupted, the character will no longer be able to continue his mission.


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