Heart of Iona

Heart of Iona

Heart of Iona

In Heart of Iona, assist Princess Ella as she attempts to escape the secret chamber and embark on a magnificent expedition that will alter the fate of the kingdom. In the game, you play as Ella on the day of her coronation. During the unfortunate incident, the citadel was besieged, and Princess Ella was abducted.

Assume the role of the princess as she attempts to escape captivity by aiding the captured dragon. Initiate the chain of events in this thrilling story-driven adventure and uncover Ella's inner strength. Depending on your shrewdness and judgment, every decision you make will have either negative or positive repercussions and rewards. There are a total of nine chapters in the game that convey the entire narrative. Unlocking subsequent chapters requires diamonds. This entertaining game is ideal for young females who enjoy reading and being transported to a world of princesses, dragons, and magic.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to play.
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