Halloween Head Soccer

Halloween Head Soccer

Halloween Head Soccer

If you are a fan of ball games and soccer games with a touch of spooky charm, then Halloween Head Soccer is a game for you!

There is an exciting head-to-head sports match in this game. The thrill is the same whether you experience it alone or with a friend in 2P mode. You can unlock your favorite Halloween character in the game to make the game more interesting. Paying close attention to the characters' appearance is both cool and fun. There are goalkeepers with ghosts and strikers with pumpkin heads. It's easy for you: just hit the ball into the goal. Every goal scored makes things more tense and every second that passes increases your energy. Don't forget that the goal is not just to score, but to get more points than the other team before time runs out.

How To Play

Single-player mode:

  • Maneuver your character; use the ARROW KEYS.
  • Kick the ball and score goals with the Z and X keys.

Two-player mode:

  • Player 1: Move with the WASD keys and shoot with N and M.
  • Player 2: Move with the ARROW keys and shoot with 1, 2.
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