Gunshot Odyssey

Gunshot Odyssey

Gunshot Odyssey

Gunshot Odyssey will take you to a barracks full of dangers lurking. You will control the character on an adventure through complex terrain and avoid detection by guards. Your goal is to explore different locations in this large base. The funny thing about this game is that, even though you can see the hero holding a gun in his hand, he cannot attack. Every time you move close to a guard, your character's weapon will automatically appear as a backup protection option (which is actually not useful at all).

The most important thing in Gunshot Odyssey is the players’ skill in analyzing the terrain to be able to navigate the main entity through it. Floating blocks of land, floors in a building, high blocks of land, and so on will help you conquer new lands. Besides, deadly thorny fences with dangerous rivers will cause the character to lose his life if they fall. During the round, you can also increase the hero's life by collecting head icons.

Gameplay and Maneuvers

All you need to do in Gunshot Odyssey, in short, is overcome obstacles and try to go as far as possible. To do that, you need to master the following controls:

  • The left and right arrows: to move.
  • Press the S key: to jump

Pay attention to the necessary key combinations when moving through dangerous terrain, such as rivers or sharp spikes.

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