Funny Snake

Funny Snake

Funny Snake

Funny Snake will challenge the players’ sharp reflexes with precise navigation. You will control a small snake to eat all the apples in the yard. Familiar gameplay combined with unique commands will not be simple. The two main levels of this game are:

  • Level Mode: Each level will have a number to unlock and collect. Players control the character to eat all the coins that appear at the same time so that the apple appears. The round is completed when the snake eats all the food on the field. When you complete all 30 levels, you will officially become a Funny Snake navigation expert.
  • Arcade Mode: This is an endless mode that allows the snake to eat as many apples as he wants. It depends on your maneuvering skills. Note that this mode will have spiky obstacles in the middle of the field. If you collide with it, your round will end.

Navigate your snake

Funny Snake's special navigation commands will be a challenge for any gamer. There is no need to use buttons or move the mouse; all you need to do is click on the direction of the controller on the screen. This symbol has only two arrows and is located at the bottom of the main game board. You can click on these arrows to make the character move in the corresponding direction. With each move, the controller will rotate to match the main entity's direction of movement.

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