Fruit Survivor

Fruit Survivor

Fruit Survivor

Fruit Survivor is a farm-themed game with a beautiful cartoon interface. Players will take on the role of a farmer trying to protect his garden from aggressive fruits. For some unknown reason, the fruits suddenly become dangerous and are trying to attack the gardener. With familiar tools such as knives, cutters, fruit scrapers, and so on, can you protect the character from this fierce manhunt?

Each type of fruit will require a certain number of cuts to defeat it completely. The character's weapon moves continuously around the main entity, so it doesn't always cut the target. What you need to do is upgrade so you can equip more blades to surround the gardener. The character's strength will gradually decrease, and when exhausted, one life will be lost. Your farmer has a maximum of three lives before the entire game resets.

Controls and some tips

Players maneuver the character in Fruit Survivor by holding down and moving the mouse. Depending on the rotation of the blade, it may not reach the angry fruits properly. At the same time, absolutely do not let the character stand still because he will be vulnerable to attacks and his strength will quickly deplete.

Every time you level up, players will be prompted to choose upgrades for combat equipment. Use these buffs as soon as possible for more powerful cuts.

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