Falling Party

Falling Party

Falling Party

Falling Party is a survival game with thrilling duels. Playing as a familiar character in a typical sandbox world, your mission is to become the last survivor. The challenge in this game is to quickly find the box containing the same image as the one the weird baby is holding. The scenes around the ring are scary, but don't let them affect your psychology.

At the beginning of the round in Falling Party, there will be a certain number of players on the field. Every time the large creature shows an image on the screen, quickly control the character to run to the block with the same image on the field. To beat your opponents, push them off the right block. Every time you defeat a player, your character will become bigger and harder to defeat. Besides, some other features of the game are also extremely attractive to explore. Don't forget to check in every day to receive bonus coins. These coins can help you unlock new skins for the main entity.

Control your character

Gamers hold down and move the mouse to let the main character run around the field or push other opponents. When you reach the required position, release your finger to let the character stop. If another entity intentionally pushes your player, quickly counterattack to gain the initiative. The round will end in glory when you are the last survivor, wearing the prestigious crown, and moving on to the next round.

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