Doodle Scoville

Doodle Scoville

Doodle Scoville

Doodle Scoville is a fun and unique online game where players try to grow and pick the world's hottest peppers. The game takes place on a virtual farm where players can plant and grow different kinds of pepper plants, each with its own taste and amount of heat. As players move through the game, they unlock new kinds of peppers and get access to more complicated farming tools and methods.

The game was made so that players could see how hot different chili peppers are. You will have to change into ice cream sticks to beat each kind of hot pepper so that the doctor doesn't lose to the peppers' spicy food. If the chili is still there after you use all three ice cream bars, you have failed. Right now, give it a go.

How To Play

Use mouse to play!

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