Dino Merge Wars

Dino Merge Wars

Dino Merge Wars

Dino Merge Wars is a fun game that takes you back to a time when huge, dangerous lizards roamed the Earth. You'll be in charge of a small town that's constantly under attack from another group that wants to move in. You have a lot of fun levels ahead of you in which you must build a strong army that can defend the precious egg from enemies.

Prepare to fight for your life in a dangerous world with the help of dinosaurs and human warriors who are willing to give their lives for you. You can combine and blend characters that are the same to make them grow. You can also put brave fighters on dinosaurs and send them to the other side of the wall, ready to fight. You can also come up with your own plans to win the game in the end. Enjoy yourself!

How To Play

Use mouse to play!

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