Dino King

Dino King

Dino King

Welcome to the Dino King game, where you can build a dinosaur army and explore the amazing world of Jurassic Park. You can move around the islands and collect dinosaur eggs to build a strong army that can defeat all enemies in more than 30 fun levels.

Killing enemies will give you gold coins that you can use to build things like a forge, a sawmill, and a stone breaker. Also, don't forget to regularly improve your character's traits to make their backpacks bigger, their moving faster, and their lives longer. Use the free extra power-ups that let you make your tools do more damage for a short time if you need to. Unlock beautiful new places to visit and a lot of different looks for your hero. To get more prizes, open loot boxes and finish daily tasks.

How To Play

Use mouse to control in this game.

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