Dino Digg

Dino Digg

Dino Digg

Dino Digg is an exciting game, taking players on an exciting adventure in the world of ancient dinosaurs.

In this game, you take on the role of Dana, a young paleontologist armed with a shovel who dreams of uncovering the mysteries of the past. Your mission is to use digging tools and archaeological equipment to search for fossils and valuable dinosaur relics. They will have to dig deep underground, overcome challenges and dangers to discover new discoveries, and keep the ruins intact. Additionally, you will encounter many different types of dinosaurs, from tiny ones like triceratops to giants like Tyrannosaurus rex. They may also encounter other prehistoric artifacts, such as ancient tree fossils or even cultural artifacts of prehistoric humans. Get ready to dig, explore, and dominate the world of Dino Digg!

How To Play

  • Use the WASD keys to move around.
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