Danger Dash

Danger Dash

Danger Dash

Danger Dash is an online action-adventure game where you run through the woods with an explorer. Run through a lost city and collect all the gold by avoiding the hurdles, jumping over the walls, and falling on the ground to avoid crashes. Reach the strange temple in this adventure with a figure who looks like Indiana Jones, and have fun with Danger Dash, a game similar to Temple Run 2.


  • Jungles, a lost city, and a mystery temple make for a colorful setting.
  • Do anything to save your life, like jump, roll over, or side jump.
  • Ankh, Tiger, and Jungle fever will help you get strong, move quickly, and unlock new levels.
  • Collect items with Chuck Ace, Miranda Rose, or Wind, a local person.

How To Play

Use your mouse!

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