Conflict Of Nations

Conflict Of Nations

Conflict Of Nations

Conflict Of Nations is a free browser-based strategy game in which players go to war with dozens of other players all over the world in real time. Raise the stakes by taking charge of a big power as the threat of World War III looms. Capture resources and make agreements to help your business grow. Find out how to make the deadliest weapons of mass destruction, and you'll quickly rise to the top of the global power rankings.


  • Real-time combat. 
  • Dozens of military units and weapons.
  • Rewards that can be earned for each victory. 
  • A unique morale system that will determine whether your citizens support your military efforts. 
  • Research projects that will help you develop stronger vehicles, weapons, and more. 
  • Regular updates that include new maps and awesome military units like Elite Attack Helicopters. 

How To Play

  • USE THE MOUSE while you inspect the map, monitor units, and more. 
  • LEFT CLICK to make decisions, choose units, and more. 
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