City Siege 3. Jungle Siege

City Siege 3. Jungle Siege

City Siege 3. Jungle Siege

Welcome to the City Siege 3. Jungle Siege game. This time you're in the wilderness and must fight your enemies without murdering innocent bystanders. You must gather stars, defend people, and eliminate all opponents throughout each level. At the end of each operation, you will get a money reward based on your score, with a bigger payment for the number of stars acquired and persons rescued.

You may use your rewards to buy characters like Bazookas, Grenades, and Commandos. Each character may also be upgraded to boost their HP and damage output. Finally, if any members of your squad are injured, you may purchase first aid equipment to help them recover. Take care not to kill any VIPs or injure bystanders, since they are often necessary to finish the level. You may bring a variety of characters into each battle, so choose carefully!

How To Play

  • Press AD or left/right arrow to move.
  • Press W or up arrow to jump.
  • Press the left mouse button to shoot.
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