City Siege 2. Resort Siege

City Siege 2. Resort Siege

City Siege 2. Resort Siege

City Siege 2: Resort Siege is one of the finest available war and weapons games. This game provides sniper experiences, allowing you to cause havoc from the cover of palm trees and coastal resorts.

When you thought the war was over, City Siege 2: Resort Siege brings in new monsters to take over the beach. It's an exciting mix of strategy and firepower, not simply another shooter. The new spy, transport helicopter, and veteran troops add complexity to your strategies, making gaming intriguing.

For thrill-seekers who like strategy and shooting, this sniper game has additional levels, devastation, and obstacles. Plan your actions carefully while wading through enemy lines—it's not simply about pressing the trigger. Let's see what you can do with great points and vacation safety!

How To Play

  • WASD = move.
  • Left-click = shoot.
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