City Builder

City Builder

City Builder

City Builder is a construction game that challenges players' precise alignment abilities. You will play the role of a professional builder and create monumental projects in this beautiful city. Your task is to create tall buildings by stacking floors on top of each other. An all-powerful crane will help you lift the blocks, and you just need to align them at the exact moment to drop them. Each round will require a certain number of points to pass. If you do not reach the target or cause any floors to fall, the round starts again.

In City Builder, you don't need to make perfectly precise adjustments to the building's floors. Once you have completed the round, these buildings will automatically turn into beautiful products with different designs. Besides, because there is no time involved in the challenge, gamers do not need to be hasty in their decisions. Observe carefully the movement of the crane to drop the block as accurately as possible.

Building the houses

The crane will automatically move back and forth above the main screen. When you find the right time, click on the screen to drop the floor. The number of floors you need to build and the required score will be displayed in the left corner of the main screen.

Let's explore beautiful places in the city and make it more splendid with your amazing projects now!

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