Captain Gold

Captain Gold

Captain Gold

Captain Gold is a fun game about finding and throwing treasures. Captain Gold needs your help mining, so you'd better bring your shovel! There are a lot of expensive stones and gems in the tunnels, and you should get them all. If you believe in your throwing arm, put on your helmet, turn on your flashlight, and get ready to score points.

The goal of the game is to help the captain get as much gold, diamonds, and other goods as possible from the mines. The game has a colorful and appealing graphical user experience that makes the player feel like they are in the game. Timing is important in this game because players have to hit the stones at the right time for them to break. You can do it by touching the screen. You will need three throws with the hammer to break the blocks. You lose the game if you can't break all of the stones in three tries. Normal stones are worth one point, gold is worth two points, and diamonds are worth three points. Can you find every treasure?

How To Play

Use your mouse to play.

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