Ball Surfer 3D

Ball Surfer 3D

Ball Surfer 3D

In Ball Surfer 3D, you have to train your skills to complete an endless number of amazing tasks. You have to conquer an endless stage, collect valuable gems, and beat records. Control a ball that's moving along a track by moving it left and right at the right times.

You can start by learning how to control the ball. You must avoid the red blocks on the track at all costs, but the yellow ones are safe. Your top goal should be to stay safe and follow the yellow signs, but you should also keep an eye out for chances to collect gems. Gems can be used to buy new skins and boosts at the game store. There are shields, magnets, and boosts in this set of boosters. The shield makes you immune to damage for a short time, and the magnet pulls in close gems and gem boosters. Use your gems and boosts wisely to get more points and break records.

How To Play

You can use the left and right arrow keys or "A, D" to play.

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